Ummite Physics and Metaphysics
"The Essential Texts"

The purpose of this site is to disseminate Ummite ideas (visitors from the planet UMMO?) through the primordial letters we know of, thus allowing everybody to make up their own minds about the concepts elaborated within them.

The site's authors have slightly modified the presentation, removed paragraphs that had nothing to do with the object of study, and classified the letters thematically in a logical order, so as to provide a better understanding of the ideas developed within the texts.

This translation has been complited in 1998. Some documents are now corrected in the french translation. Not in this one.

. Note to English-speaking readers:  

Strangely enough, the interest shown in ET phenomena manifests itself differently from country to country. In England, one hears about crop circles, whereas in the USA it is Area 51 and individual testimonials of implantations or abductions. In Europe, particularly in Spain (the origin of the Ummite letters) and France, the Ummo affair is more widely-known, due no doubt to the books written on the subject.

The letters in question were originally dictated in Spanish, then translated into French. To our knowledge, this is the first time the "essential texts" have been translated into English. We trust the reader will forgive any possible ambiguities in this text since some were already present in the French translation.

We have good reason to believe that several letters in English may have already been sent to Canadian, American or Australian contacts (there are also certainly letters in German and Japanese)...It is our hope that if you have a copy of one or several of these letters, you will contact the webmaster of this site so that we can mutually complete our information regarding this event and "Ummite thought", on a strictly documentary and philosphical basis... but we steadfastly refuse to enter into a "sectarian" mindset!

.. CONTENTS: (we suggest you read the documents in the following order:) .
1 - Synopsis and General Introduction .
2 - The IBOZOO UU .
5 - General Conclusion (and personal reflections) .

6 - Download 

. A lot of thanks to my friend Tim Curry, for all this very difficult translation...

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