Ummites? What's that?

To better understand the story behind the Ummite letters (pronounced Oummites), some background is needed.

The Ummites claim to have landed on Earth in March 1950, in the area of Digne. Three crafts brought a crew from the planet UMMO that set up a base (see the summary in the book by J-P PETIT), probably on the Peak of Blache, between Digne and La Javie, in the south of France. They spent a certain time analysing our habits, walked around Paris (and undoubtedly elsewhere), and avoided drawing attention to themselves. In 1965, Mr. Fernando SESMA, the organiser of a slightly esoteric Spanish "association " which claimed to be in contact with other extraterrestrials, begins receiving letters. Other recipients also receive some. Contact is lost in 1970, then is regained in 1987, and continues until 1993 (at least, we do not have letters possibly sent outside these periods) with other recipients, particularly in France. We currently have approximately 200 to 300 pages of texts written by the Ummites but it is possible that many other letters exist. In a 1988 letter, reference is made to the existence of 3,850 pages, copies of which having been sent to several individuals represent the equivalent of 160,000 pages!

 Reading this, you are undoubtedly at least somewhat incredulous. It is to be expected. What is more difficult to dismiss is the body of information contained within these texts when one takes the trouble of reading them. To be sure, one will always be able to object that these letters are the creation of a group of scientists wanting to launch the basis of a new theory in the form of "a hoax". But a hoax lasting for more than thirty years, without any of the participants having one day come forward to say "We really had you going. Well, it was us... "? We do not believe it. So what other likely scenarios remain?

 Since 1975 (?), a French scientist, J-P PETIT has been aware of the existence of these texts. The information contained within them has allowed him, by his own admission, to establish various theories concerning magnetohydrodynamic propulsion (MHD), shockwave elimination at supersonic speeds, the basis of a new "tetravalent" mathematics and the modelling and the calculation of a twin universe, a theory which, if accepted by the scientific community, has the potential to fundamentally change our current vision of the universe, especially since it addresses one of the weaknesses of the current model: missing mass.

 But these letters do not only deal with astrophysics. They also give important information on the Ummite design of the Universes (we have one word, they have five) and their components, on religion, evolution, network theory, information technology, the operation of their craft, etc.

In these letters, more than 400 words, mathematical algorithms, algebraic relations, and a great number of symbols were used by the Ummites who were kind enough to give the translation of certain terms. You will find the translations in this compilation. Unfortunately, without the knowledge of Ummite grammar or verbs (if they exist in their language), it is currently impossible to provide a comprehensive linguistic analysis.

Why was this work of compilation and editing done? We realized how difficult it would be to fully understand Ummite thought and the concepts advanced, by virtue of the necessity of referring to different letters, sometimes difficult to find, often poorly presented and which contain paragraphs having nothing to do with the original subject, thus making their reading very difficult. The concepts were gathered in a logical reading order which is:


¤ The universe, philosophy and religion

¤ Theories of evolution

It is preferable to read each section after having "assimilated " (as much as can be done) the preceding one.

The authors of this compilation of the principal Ummite letters asked themselves several questions at the time this booklet was published: Did they have the right to use texts which, although in the public domain (over the internet), were not addressed to them? Did they have the right to disseminate the contents of these letters?. Did they have the right to modify them to make them easier to read and understand?

Another accusation that could be levelled against us is that of wanting to "convert" people, or worse yet, of starting some kind of sect; it is a charge that is very fashionable these days. But it is one we deny, and nowhere in this document will you find an incitement to such activity.

 Moreover the Ummite themselves do not in any letter, at any time, suggest that their beliefs become the foundation of any "rite ". In any case, an important "sect" that has existed on Earth for nearly 2000 years preaches much the same ideas the Ummites speak of, at least in regards to morals and the survival of the soul. The difference is that the latter claim to base their beliefs on scientific knowledge and seem to have eliminated rituals.

It took us time to assimilate (no doubt imperfectly) these concepts, so rich are they in a knowledge which we can admit while still remaining critical. Will this knowledge be one day recognised by scientists? We do not know. It is in any case something to think about.

Must one believe in the absolute truth of everything here? In addition to the hoax-by-scientists theory, there is another: a study of public credibility conducted by the secret service, "channelling", an preconditioning attempt for the emergence of a sect, etc. Will we one day have indisputable proof of the existence of these beings? There are only two possibilities for this to happen: either "they "make themselves seen and known in an irrefutable way, or some knowledge of theirs (scientific or not), unknown at the time the letters were published (books by Ribera, J-P PETIT, publishing over the internet) proves to be true, for example:

¤ "red shift" variation (shift towards the red segment of the E.M. spectrum according to the speed and direction of the object in relation to the observer) is not constant but is a non-sinusoidal periodic function.

¤ Discovery of 86 pairs of krypton atoms at the "end" of DNA strands in all living beings.

¤ Abrupt temperature variations in the center of toroidal nebulae (from -270°C to -273,14°C) and that the plane of polarization of the spectrum line D emitted by sodium is polarized by an angle of 0.8 radians (without another polarization for another wavelength).

¤ Frequency of the activation impulse of nerve centres located in the coroidal ventro-lateral plexus of 10368 Hz

¤ Discovery on Mars of simple unicellular and pluricellular plant-cell based organisms.

¤ The water contained in the cytoplasm and the cell nucleus can "memorise" electromagnetic radiation corresponding to a wavelength of 21,106 cm. (Approx. 1,421 MHz)

 The model of the Universe proposed by the Ummites seems credible to us. The ontological consequences are also credible, and thus important. But we leave you judge for yourself. Let each one decide for themselves.




- In the transcription of the letters, the passages in italic characters are notes which the writers thought good to add (NdR), that is to say translations to facilitate reading.

- the transcription of Ummite words is sometimes different from one part of the text to another. We do not have a reference for Ummite spelling, so the transcription of the letters seems to have been primarily phonetic... (Ummo - Oummo?)

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