Ummite Physics and Metaphysics:
"The Essential Texts"

LETTERS RECEIVED (D58) by Mrs. Alicia Araujo in Madrid from March 7, 1967


Often the men of Earth ask us about the political side of our social structure. Is it a democratic state of law? Is it perhaps a social state of law? Is it some socialist structure?

Does it exhibit the usual characteristics of a liberal society or, on the contrary, does its rigid structure resemble other totalitarian states like Germany under Hitler, the Soviet Union under Stalin, General Franco's Spain or Trujillo's Dominican Republic? If not, does it resemble the old theocratic State of TIBET? If we told you that UMMO is governed by Four OEMII, you might think that it is a specific type of Oligarchy or polycracy.

In another stream of ideas, we are sometimes asked about the level of intelligence reached on our planet; i.e. our brain's degree of development in the current stage of our social network's evolution.

These two types of questions can appear at first glance not to have anything in common.

But an objective and systematic analysis would reveal their mutual interdependence through a study on the true roots of sociopolitical, psychosocial and encephalic development of the Humanity on UMMO. These roots are nothing less than the biogenetic bases of evolution for all living Beings in our WAAM (universe).

That is why we must take a more universal view (though somewhat simplified) of the set of mechanisms which govern evolution before dealing with a topic so precise and detailed as our political structure, or an analysis of mental development from the fetal stage onwards. 

In the following paragraphs we will answer a series of questions which we feel are fundamental. In certain cases we will go over certain concepts which are almost familiar to Earth biologists, like chromosomal structure, genetic mutation and the fundamental structure of the genetic code or of Life.

But aside from these concepts that all of you, even those not specializing in biology, must know, we will expose a whole series of revelations transcendent to you since they are unknown to Earth specialists in Biochemistry.

That will help you to fill important gaps which make certain evolutionary mechanisms incomprehensible (for example: the internal mutations which, rather than causing a degeneration or a regression of the living being, caused an improvement in the somatic structures).

All these revelations are important enough that we invite you inform your biologists of them. These passages can be useful for them to orient their future research in the field of BAAYIODIXAA (an extremely important factor that we will explain).

When we refer to an OEMII's (body) physical maturity, i.e. to the state you call adult, remember that we say this in reference to a macro - planetary group.

It is thus a RELATIVE reference. The adult has a different psychology than a child or a teenager of group. To be sure, the primary reactions of an adult panther are different from those of its young; but remember that the current Earth human, just like the OEMII of UMMO, is a continually evolving being. The PHYSICAL frameworks and HISTORIES lived on UMMO and the EARTH are very different. This is understandable if you think that the Geological, Atmospheric, Radioactive, Gravitational, Magneto-electrostatics and Chemical MEDIUM of UMMO differs sometimes significantly with that of your Planet.

Keep in mind, for instance, that a greater atmospheric protection has shielded us from the degrading effects of external mutations caused by cosmic radiation, the degree of degeneration of certain phylum has been slight and racial variations are almost non-existent.

All these factors bestow distinct characteristics upon each planetary social macrogroup because the ecological medium is different even if the human somatic structure is similar for all planets inhabited by reasoned beings. Furthermore, the time elapsed between the appearance of the first anthropoides and the present is much longer on UMMO than it is on Earth.

Knowing this, it is not surprising that our degree of civilization is more advanced than that of the Earth.

You know that organisms evolve gradually through a series of factors you partly understand.

Earth biologists attribute evolutionary change able to transform an anthropoid into a human to external radiation and natural selection. Every genetic mutation gives rise to a structural change in the organism. But this is incomplete and partly incorrect.

We have discovered the biogenetic laws and true factors which govern the evolution of life in the WAAM.

You know that all animal and vegetable matter is made of millions of cells. Using Earth terminology, we remind you that in these cells there are four elements or major parts.

A complex mass called PROTOPLASM.

A central mass called NUCLEUS.

A membrane which surrounds the cell.

A membrane which surrounds the NUCLEUS.

We could take a bird's egg as a model. The white would represent the protoplasm, the yellow: the nucleus and the membrane would be represented by the shell.

This image is very oversimplified since, for instance, the cellular MEMBRANE is much more complex than a simple shell. You all learned that within the NUCLEUS of the cell there are filament-like structures called CHROMOSOMES. These complex filaments are of a great importance for they enclose part of the mystery of life. A mystery we cleared up long ago.

Each chromosomal fiber carries modules capable of storing HEREDITARY CHARACTERISTICS which you call GENES.

A rough comparison for those not versed in biophysics could be made by imagining the chromosomes as a kind of paper punch card perforated according to this code which represents the complete message.

This message carried in the chromosomes is an instruction so that the fetus contained in the matrix can have different features than its other brothers. Each GENE represents a definite characteristic: blue coloration of the iris of the eye, or pigmentation

The chromosome gives the orders by which the living being of which it is a part will be different from a dove or a reptile.

If a foreign agent, a hunting bullet, makes a new perforation on the paper tape, one of its letters will be altered.

It may happen that the entire message is scrambled. In the same way a beam of radiation (x-rays, rapid neutrons, electrons etc ...) could damage the chromosome to the point where the child is born with black eyes or even as a monster.

Earth specialists know all this and they also know the intimate structure of the genetic code to be much more complex than our punch card example.

Before going any further, you will find a kind of synopsis on these chromosomes below. The conclusions reached by Earth biologists on chromosomes hardly differ from the idea we have, except for the role played by the proteinic chains and their function in the chromosome, an area where you are partly in error. (Read note below)

A chromosome is a structure in the form of a filament, located in the nucleus of the cell from one of its phases of reproduction and from a component you call CHROMATIN. The XAAXADOO structure is more complex; magnified by our gravitational visualization equipment, it appears as a long chain of atoms.

We will use your nomenclature for the true components are known to Earth biologists.
Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)
Ribonucleic Acid (ARN)
Special Proteins

The deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) belonging to the programmed code of the genes is very important. The information encoded within it " gives the orders " used to materialize the characteristic features of each animal or plant.

The DNA has a helicoidal structure (DOUBLE HELIX).



Its principal components are:
Phosphoric Acid
Deoxyribose sugar
Adenine (nucleotide)
Thymine (nucleotide)
Cytosine (nucleotide)
Guanine (nucleotide)

Its principal components are intertlaced in the following way:


And form an elementary fraction of the above-mentioned double helix. Notice that the relative positions of the last four components (adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine) alternate in an apparently capricious fashion.

But it is exactly this distribution of the four IGOOMII (elementary factors of the CODE) by which the message is transmitted. Each series of four bands or pairs [ here there is what appears to be a handwritten symbol, to small to be scanned, which looks like a horizontal ladder. Sorry. - Scanning technician's note ] represent a symbol or IGOOA (Gene) [ here there is a second inscannable symbol which looks like the letters S and K stuck together. - Scanning technician's note ] ([ here there is the preceding symbol. - Scanning technician's note ] = gene) protein programmer. (it is only one genetic symbol among many others.)

How is this programming system used to manufacture proteins?

The process is not completely unknown to you: two chains of ribonucleic acid (RNA) whose structures resemble DNA, only less complex.



O [This O no doubt refers to FIG 4? Scanning technician's note ] represents the RIBOSE bond which distinguishes it from DNA.

They have different functions.

First it is necessary to distinguish two types of ribonucleic chains:

The first B is a copy of the DNA's coded message.

The second C carries an amino acid (remember that amino acids are true protein modules or connections).

In fact the process is much more complex since RIBOSOMES, ENZYMES and a factor which you do not know and which we call AIGOOXAADA, also come into play. We will try to schematize it by employing more understandable metaphors or images for those uninitiated to molecular biology.

1st Phase:

In the chromosome, a sequence of symbols preexists (since the first mutation), codified according to the position of nucleotides in the deoxyribonucleic acid. We represent this with a tape codified in EARTH MORSE CODE. (Kept in a factory manager's office). [ previously mentioned Metaphor NdT ]



2 nd Phase:

In the nucleus of the cell a chain of RIBONUCLEIC ACID is formed; a copy of the first. This chain passes into the protoplasm of the cell from the NUCLEUS, carrying the message. Imagine that it is the previously mentioned tape copied by an engineer in the manager's office, that he then brings out onto the factory floor. [ Continuation of the metaphor NdT ]



3 rd Phase :

In the cytoplasm there is also a series of amino acids of a different type. Remember that a proteinic molecule is made up of a set of different constituent elements. A chain of proteins is distinct from another through the placement and the order of these amino acids.

Each amino acid is encoded with a key made of Three Signs (which includes the code enclosed within the DNA). Then ONLY the AMINO ACIDS whose code matches the message will embed themselves on the chain or RNA mould.



The proteinic chains thus formed give shape to the structure of each living being. Each animal or plant has been formed by the instructions encoded in the chromosomal matrix.

We added this this appendix to explain you process which is almost known to you .

Every amount of radiation, no matter how weak it is, brings about some adverse effect and includes a probability of causing an often fatal mutation, and for this reason we do not understand certain Earth gynecologists who subject pregnant women to radioscopy or x-rays without taking the least precaution.

If there were never mutations in the chromosomes, living beings would continue to perpetuate their structure over millions of years.

Evolution would not be possible on any Planet. A mollusc would repeat the same morphology from generation to generation without ever changing.

But Earth biochemists ask themselves the following question: why do these mutations (these accidental phenomena which modify the code of life) always result in a positive change (orthogenesis), improving the species, making their morphology, their nervous systems or their physical sensory organs evolve, perfecting the entire organic mechanism from generation to generation each time a mutation occurs?

Let us take a comparison: if radiation and its effect on the genes can be compared to bullets on a target (the target being the chromosome), we can imagine a gunner firing on the columns of the Parthenon . Can we then suppose that the impacts, rather than destroying the sculpture, would on the contrary form beautiful designs and elegant caryatids on the tops of the columns ? How is it that man's cerebral process of is improving and that future generations of humans have a more sophisticated mental structure, and that our minds are able to mentally solve mathematical problems without resorting to secondary algorithms as our Ancestors did?

Only due to of random bombardment of neutrons or deuterons?

Only because a helium nucleus acts on the DNA and alters the position of a thymine or guanine molecule?

They should on the contrary bring about a genetic aberration, thus creating a monstrous being with atrophied arms or without lungs!

We owe the discovery of this mysterious biogenetic process to our scientist AOYOO 221.

It had been discovered a long time before that in the human brain were krypton atoms (a rare gas that you know), and this discovery was a significant, transcendent one. It was quite simply the key to the OEMBUAW, MAN'S THIRD FACTOR, which you do not know and which acts as a link between the HEART and the BODY (BUAWAA and OEMII).

69 XEE before [approximately 18 months NdT ], in laboratory fertilization experiments with spermatozoids belonging to an anthropoid resembling the Earth monkey and ovules from a human female, INNAI 3 was able to determine the spatial position of the atoms of a sugar Earth chemists call deoxyribose. The molecules of this sugar were inside the nucleus of the woman's ovules.

He was amazed to discover the presence of many Krypton atoms



They were at the ends of the DNA helicoidal chain, in several pairs (D58_FIG1) (86 sets of two atoms in all) turning in a common orbit and whose orbital planes, basically parallel, were on a common axis (axis A-B on D58_FIG1).

This axis also described a harmonic vibratory motion whose frequency and amplitude varied with temperature (0,2 Megacycles for a temperature of 35 ° celsius).

Until that point we had only been able to detect these ordered series of Krypton atoms in human sperm cells and in multicellular animals; but later the discovery was extended to the remainder of cells.

How is it that we did not discover these atoms earlier on? Probably because even if there are 86 atoms, this number is too infinitesimal to be easily checked and detected.

Remember that in a cubic millimeter of very rarefied Krypton gas, there are about 10 exponent 9 (thousand million) free atoms.

Our scientist's first hypothesis was to associate this krypton with the OEMBUAW (man's third factor already cited) but to his great surprise, he did not find any sign of electronic coding in its subatomic energy levels.

In the beginning AOYOO was convinced that these krypton atoms were inactive in the sexual cells of all living beings. He thought that these atoms were the source from which they would migrate, in future generations, towards the brain to form the OEMBUAW (man's third factor). To test his hypothesis, he took male sperm cells (spermatozoids) from 134 species of vertebrae to carry out a detailed analysis.

Analyzing the results, the specialists who helped AOYOO were astonished by the electronic distribution of these krypton atoms . As you know, electrons occupy instantaneous positions governed by probability in each subatomic level. There is a principle of indetermination whereby each electron is located in a distinct point without being governed by any law (we call these positions IBOZOO WOO and they should not be confused with the idea of a mathematical point in three-dimensional space (NdR IBOZOO UU?).

But in the atoms in question had their positions obviously governed by a disconcerting synchronism. The corresponding atoms in the BAAYIODUU chains of the different spermatozoids displayed a similar and synchronous distribution.

They looked like pendulums swinging in unison, as if bound by occult radiation emissions which stimulated this behavior, or as if a mysterious resonance phenomenon of resonance caused all the electrons to be governed by the same model.

One might perhaps think that the proximity of the cells was responsible for this resonance effect. But thereafter it was discovered that all living beings of UMMO exhibited the same characteristics in their BAAYIODUU. (much later we had to recognize than this phenomenon is cosmological; the theory and the experiment confirmed it without a doubt). Thus, for example, living beings of other Planets exhibited the same phenomenon.

In 1951 we were able to verify the universality of this principle once more, through the study of human cells from the OEMII of the Earth. The synchronism with the BAAYIODUU's atoms of UMMO and other Planets was perfect.

But you should not be surprised at this. It will seem quite logical to you when we will explain the true function of the BAAYIODUU to you in the following text.

You will then understand that you are still very far from a complete understanding of the mechanisms that govern life.

And we ourselves have not achieved this yet, despite this watershed discovery.

You will understand that the genetic code enclosed in the deoxyribonucleic acid is only one link in this chain of factors which explain the behavior of living matter, inspired in the end by WOA.

We must thus look at how the instructions are coded in the CHROMOSOME itself.

We have seen that the mathematical permutations of four nucleotides: ADENINE, THYMINE, CYTOSINE, and (GUANINE) partly codify hereditary features.

So what happens if a helicoidal chain of deoxyribonucleic acid is struck by a beam of radiation (neutrons, for instance)?


The impact, if it does not rupture the chromosome, brings about at the very least a change in the nucleotide sequence. It then changes their interpreted meaning and we can say that a MUTATION occurred.

But all mutations are not caused by random external radiation (cosmic rays, the explosion of a nuclear weapon, etc.). 

On the contrary, many changes are brought about within the individual itself by a mechanism you do not know.

Thus, for example, a species of reptile, like lizards who live billions of years in a marshy environment when one day suddenly a mutation occurs, whereby a new species of lizard is born having large webbed feet enabling them to swim easier in water.

What happened?

We suggest you read the fascinating explanation in the following paragraph, which describes the role played in this process by the series of 86 pairs of KRYPTON atoms, which we call BAAYIODUU.


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