Ummite Physics and Metaphysics


 Key sentences concerning the IBOZOO UU (from various documents)

In the few pages which follow the editors have summarised various sentences and definitions which do not necessarily appear in the preceding pages of this booklet. The reader will forgive us any repetitions.

In carrying out this work (or in reading it), certain contradictions may seem to appear. These contradictions can be explained by the fact that several different Ummites dictated these texts and thus gave their own interpretation. It is normal that an explanation coming from a " vessel technician ", from a " physics professor of IU " or from a " philosopher " would diverge to some degree.

But it seems to us that the contradictions are only on the surface; they are really only " different approaches "...

- the IBOZOO UU cannot be defined as a point in Euclidean space. The I.U. does not have mass. THE I.U. cannot be compared to a moving quantity. The I.U. does not have electric energy nor a charge. ...since such concepts (mass / energy / charge) are mental perceptions associated with a particular orientation of these elements.

- the angular relation between two " related " I.U. cannot be smaller than 12^-13 cm, and it is not possible to distinguish a smaller " discrete quantity ".

- You can imagine the I.U. (using a didactic image) as a " beam " or " cluster " of " ideal axes " whose various orientations give rise to a physical interpretation, sometimes of a quantum (of energy), and other times of mass, electric charge, orbital moment... they actually represent the various axial orientations of the I.U.

- We can force the " disorientation " of the " axes " of the I.U. (absolute inversion) in a manner such as an observant physicist of the phenomenon would see, to their surprise, that a proton would seem to be destroyed without releasing energy (this phenomenon would seem to contradict the universal principle of conservation of mass and energy) (note 4 of the document on the craft)

- the I.U. is an entity unknown to you. It has neither mass, nor electric charge, nor moment, nor color, etc...

- The I.U. can be presented in the form of neutrino, of electron, proton (or its components) of a quantum of light or time according to whether its " axes " are directed in one way or another.

- Like you, we consider our Waam to be made up of subatomic particles and quantons of energy, but we reduce (or unify) all these physical entities one which has an angular structure.

- A network of I.U. constitutes the world which we perceive, plus time.
(Extracts letter D 357 in Farriol, March 19, 1987)

- We call I.U. entities whose sequences are connected by various angular rotations. These I.U. can display characteristics of energy, of mass, or space, depending on rotations in relation to the elements of this sequence.
(letter of 1979, Delivers RIBERA page 257)

- One can compare time to a series of I.U. whose axes are directed orthogonally compared to the radius vectors which imply distance.

- I.U. is an elementary cosmic entity (integrated by a beam of directed axes which do not intersect), related to a set of I.U., independent by angular relation.

- the real concept of velocity (and of displacement of a particle) implies various rotations in two I.U. of a pair, rotation in which the first I.U. pair, by reversing its axes, ceases to manifest itself in the form of subatomic particle, while the second orients its axes so as to transform itself into a subatomic particle, identical to the first. It is this " point to point " transformation which gives the illusion of displacement of the particle.

- It is the brain which carries out a synthesis by classifying the I.U. in an ordered scale.

- When a man looks at in a given direction his visual field includes the set of I.U. whose " axes/radii / vectors " are oriented with different angles, with respect to a field symbolized mathematically by a hyperplane.

- I.U. are not localised in defined points. Do not attempt try to visualise the I.U. materially, and assign it corporality.

- Imagine the I.U. as a series of axes (straight lines, indefinite) whose direction cannot be compared to real lines or axes.

- a subparticle is an I.U. with axes directed in a particular fashion.

- In an interval of time " dt ", the electron which seems to have moved within an atom is in fact a different electron, caused by a " jump " of the I.U.

- a I.U. is a subatomic particle or " energy quantum " and also a true mathematical entity.

- space (as a volume) is not an entity different (foreign) from our mental phenomena, like feeling and perception. It is an illusion of our senses caused by " a reality " (" something ") which causes this psychological perception. Moreover, space can be thought of as a " field of forces ". It is the gravitational field which stimulates our nerve endings and causes this illusion that we call space to emerge in our conscience.

- the same external reality causes different illusions (for example, the color red and the invisible infra-red are the same electromagnetic wave, differing only in frequency)

- We polarize the subparticles to make space travel possible, by using the curvature of space.

- the cosmos is a decadimensional space-time continuum forming an inverse hypersphere.

- the cosmos is composed of a network of I.U. Space is a set related to angular factors. A I.U. does not occupy any definite position. A I.U. is not a physical body with mass. A I.U. is a beam of directed axes. Any particle (electron, meson, graviton) is but an I.U. directed in a particular way compared to others.

- It is impossible for us to imagine with much anticipation the optimum conditions for these travels (between Ummo and Earth). Such conditions are dependent on special characteristics of the Physical Space which we exposed earlier in a didactic fashion. We call them UUXAGIXOO (can be translated as isodynamic). When space " IS CURVED ", or, to be more precise, when the components of Space which we call IBOZOO UU direct their " Angles " in a direction distinct from that which is normal in that environment of the WAAM (universe), you can see that the curvature happens, though the expression " To direct their angles " is confusing for an Earth scientist, but we cannot find other more specific terms in your langage.(Letter D60 to SESMA, May 1966)

- a network of I.U. is not an elastic medium in which atoms are immersed.

- the universe is a related set of I.U.(network of I.U.)

- the true nature of the I.U. has nothing to do with a mathematical point, nor with a particle, nor with a quantum of energy. A I.U. cannot be visualised... we have only " deduced " the existence of the I.U.

- It is the " angle - dimension " which confers on the I.U. its " transcendent power ". The I.U. is more than a factor that gives an exact number to cosmic distances.

- mass is also a curvature of pluridimensional space.... it is only our concepts of magnitude, of curvature and of distance which are different from those of Earth.


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