Ummite Physics and Metaphysics:
"The Essential Texts"

OIXIOOWOA FUNCTION (higher state of the brain?)

An important anthropobiological question for you is to know what the future evolutionary line of the human brain will be. What will your descendants be like two million years from now?

We, the OEMII of UMMO, who have known other planetary social networks, can somewhat answer this important question.

The neguentropic development of the neural Network that you call the brain, will not stop. This development may happen in one of two ways. One is governed by a law which is unknown to you, and which we call BAAYIOODISXAA (biological cosmic Balance), and that you commonly refer to as "process of evolution of the species ", governed by rules which emanate from the B.B. (Orthogenesis) through successive IDUGOOO (genetic changes or mutations).

A simple change in the nucleotide sequence of a DNA chain which integrates some IGOOAA (gene), results in a new chain of polypeptides or proteins. This new protein embriogene, has the role of changing the architecture of the system, i.e. the network, if this Network is the brain and if it is a protein whose specific role pertains to the the shape of the structure (the embriogenic proteins not only histologically modify the basis of the cellular cytoplasm, but also orient the tissue in space, a little like one of your masons lays out bricks three-dimensionally to build a house.)

This mutation, if it is not regressive, implies a new structural change in the brain which thus becomes more complex.

[ Note 1 ] This type of change can be accidental, for example when an ionizing radiation creates a chemical free radical which seriously affects the network of IGOOAA (genes), causing a slight variation in the nucleotide sequence of what you call DNA, in which case the later formation of a protein, seriously affected by this change, will cause an alteration in the phenotype (positive or negative for the survival of the individual) or it will be a change directed BY B.B., which we call IDUUGOO.

In this case, the affected nucleotides are varied, many of them corresponding to a DNA sequence which thereafter, through chains of RNA you call "messenger ", and transfer RNA, will give rise to the formation of embriogenic proteins (i.e. relating to histological architecture) in its ribosomes. We speak about VARIED proteins of this class, with the result that the change in the phenotype will be greater than when an accidental mutation takes place.

In this case, there is a true quantum jump in the species. It is in this way that a new encephalic neural network is modelled, since its structure changes quite dramatically.

In short: The mutation of a brain to a more perfect type is directed by BUAWEE BIAEEII. The moment of its appearance is governed by laws which require a progressive improvement according to the very complex models of genetic evolution stored in B.B. Each phylum can give rise to roughly 218.000 possible structural changes which correspond to as many models processed by B.B. A Krypton network decodes the instructions of this cosmic databank.

This higher brain, with which we are equipped (and even that of a degree higher than ours, with which other planetary networks are eauipped), and that your descendants will also have, will have a configuration somewhat distinct from that which you know. But that is not the reason why a qualitative jump occured, similar to that which happened when a humanoid being was transformed into OEMII (HUMAN).

Your EIDUAYUUE (Emergence) will be identical. They will be more conscious brains, benefitting from more freedom of decision, much more intelligent; but their supreme mission will remain to scan the Universe in which they live, to transfer these data to B.B. (BUAWAA BIAEII), i.e. to this faraway Universe which codifies information, and through it to modify the WAAM-WAAM (Multicosmos).

Here it is necessary for us to try to make you reflect on a very important fact. The consciousness of the brain continues to increase and consequently, so does its level of free will (according to its increasing complexity), and so it is obvious that its action on the B.B. increases does its ability to influence the shape and structure of the multicosmos.

Before my brothers made the brilliant scientific discovery of the existence of the OIXOOWOA (higher state of the brain) function, we could only speculate by way of logic, as undoubtedly you will in reading our report, than there must be a limit to the ability to model the Universe.

If a brain as small as ours, which observes galaxies, flowers and volcanos, or philosophizes on the nature of being, transfers this weak activity to the B.B. and that it in turn amplifies it to the level of modelling the configuration of the cosmic dust or the shape of a remote galaxy, we could foresee a time when the evolution of this mass of ganglion had continued, and consequently its conscious improvement, to such a point where hypothetically, a macrobrain of not more than eighty cubic decimetres and having a sufficiently complex internal architecture would be able to dominate the WAAW-WAAW, while also conflicting with the B.B. [moreover, keep in mind - as we now know - that this influence is not linear. (a doubling of the neuronal complexity can cause its cosmological action to be multiplied by six) ]

Well before this level of complexity is reached, the regulating laws of the WAAM-WAAM, a true cybernetic organism, has conceived regulatory functions which will surely appear surprising to you, although in the history of OYAGAA this jugulatory regulation has appeared at least once.

[ Note 2 ] - When the disturbance in a Cosmos is very intense, an inversion in the action of resonance of its imaginary mass occurs. B.B. (Universe) collects this inversion since, not being able to enter into resonance, there is a complicated effect whose image, more comprehensible for you, would be like a stationary wave.. This produces a serious disturbance in WAAM. (It is a little like if you throw a ball, then it rebounds on the wall and hurts you in the head.)

This is a true "re-supply" loop (NdR: feedback?) The disturbance caused in B.B. results in a boundary effect, WAAM thus eliminates the person responsible for the disturbance.

We now now explain what would happen if a common human brain, through its conscious actions and consequently causing variations in the WAAM-WAAM, managed to exceed its functions, generating a very intense distortion in a Universe. B.B, in this case, following cybernetic laws, would "cancel" this organism's configuration in its original universe through a boundary effect, dissolving its network of IBOOZO OO and transforming it into another energy network in the centre of another Universe, although the sum of information processed by this organism would not be lost. It is this idea that we will develop further. For a human of the Earth or a OEMMII of UMMO, this event is statistically impossible. It would be like an athlete of the Earth strong enough to tear the Himalayas in half. But: What would happen if a 70-kilometer-tall athlete was developed by genetic mutation? Naturally it is only a metaphor, for such gigantic proportions cannot develop, but is however possible, as you see later, to generate structured brains able to create terrible cosmological disturbances.

This limitation of our own power to produce distortions in the WAAM-WAAM protects us.

Before going into the function of OIXIOOWOA (higher state of the brain), we remind you that there is a second way a brain can develop: the BAAYIIBUUTD [ can be translated as biotechonology (NdR : genetic engineering) ]. For you tomorrow, as for us today, it will be possible to synthesize a network of chromosomes (genomes), to improve it then to obtain much more complex structures of networks and different living organisms from those you know. And probably also an OEMII equipped with a more complex brain and consequently more intelligent and more conscious.

But this is a subject on which we will give you information in forthcoming texts and which presents serious ethical implications. Their violation (NdR: of these ethical rules prohibiting the creation of such humans by means of genetic engineering?) would imply very serious upheavals in the social network if one dared to cross this crucial boundary.

We will thus return to the original topic of this report. What would happen if a specific threshold in the architecture and the complexity of brain was reached in the natural evolutionary process, or by biotechnological means?

Before answering, we will inform you of several important aspects of the nature of WOA.

We explained that WOA is a transcendental centre of information. Not only does he gather the configurations of all possible beings, but also the laws which make the structure of the WAAM-WAAM possible.

Do not think that another system of physical laws distinct from those which reign in the WAAM-WAAM can exist.

We can isolate two types of laws:

(A) EEWAOO - It is a structure of laws which govern the framework of entropic and neguentropic tendencies. They are physical and biological laws, of which much is known to you, and whose power extends to the entire WAAM-WAAM. They can be reduced to a very restricted framework of laws which animate the universal network of IBOZOO OO. Naturally, these laws are inviolable. In macrophysical structures, they prevent any degree of freedom whatsoever. In microphysical structures, it is impossible to predict their behavior. One of the essential characteristics of the WAAM-WAAM is that the macrophysical configurations are regulated and directed by microphysical processes.

That is why the evolutionary path of the WAAM-WAAM is not deterministic. This is also why it is impossible to predict its future behavior. All attempts to work out a predictive model of the end of the Universe are destined to fail.

[ Note 8 ] - It is impossible to predict with certainty the end of the twin universes, WAAM and UWAAM, which are familiar to us.

What we can do, however, is determine to a certain level of probability what will happen to our Cosmos (in which we live) according to the evolutionary path that we see. In the end it will be a space-time continuum shaped like a hypersphere of quasi infinite radius. The configurations of mass or ((nuclei)) of energy (confined waves) will no longer exist. There will only be an isotropic distribution of radiation on a very low energy level, brought about by a setting in phase of the wavelengths of the IBOOSZOO UHU, generated by WOA throughout the WAAM.

This model of the end follows closely that of your own cosmologists of OYAGAA. We should only specify that we cannot predict it with certainty, for it is impossible to predict hypothetical corrective actions of the WAAM-WAAM.

The multicosmos behaves like a self-conscious, intelligent (thanks to its B.B.) living organism, having free will to evolve. If in its centre, one of its Universes follows a path of increasing entropy and consequently of degradation and death, other Cosmos will evolve in a neguentropic fashion.

An parallel example on a purely didactic basis could be as follows:

The WAAM-WAAM is like an OEMII (human) without sensory organs to take in the environment. I.e., a human without eyes, a sense of smell, touch, etc. This person could not perceive the external world simply because such an external Universe would not exist for him. But he would be conscious of his biochemical metabolism, internal temperature, muscular tensions, its own somatic diagram.

This man would think and make decisions about his own body, regulating his biochemical metabolism, his histological development. If a disturbing element appeared within his organism, he would be able to stop its growth through some immunological means. His old cells would die and other cytological ((entities)) would regenerate - by changing his genome.

In this image, his soul would be WOA in symbiosis with B.B. WOA would send him models and information in the form of ideas, then the B.B. would allow an intellectual process, but his behaviour and his neurosensory functioning would be regulated by microscopic bodies distributed randomly in his body, made up of of the brains of humans living on other cold stars.


(B) UAA - (moral laws, ideal models of conduct) But in the WAAM-WAAM not only are there networks or physical structures likely to suffer degradation and death (Entropy), but also neguentropic biological networks; some evolve to the level of conscious beings (the brain). The latter are likely to adopt FREE decisions. Consequently nonsubject to the determinism of inflexible physical laws. It is obvious to you that this introduces a very serious factor of instability for the MULTIPLE COSMOS. Remember that that the brains of OEMII can shape the architecture of the various Universes. If the conscious behavior of the humans becomes unbalanced, it introduces transcendent disturbances into this cybernetic organization which is the WAAM-WAAM.

[ Note 3 ] - You may ask why the UAA (having bestowed an almost mystical religious character upon them, you qualify them as "morals ") are not as inflexible and rigid as the EEWAO. (physico-biological Laws which must be carried out)

It is obvious that cosmobiological Nature is governed according to models we could describe metaphorically as having great knowledge.

Imagine the absurd case that the intelligent organisms of the WAM-WAAM are not free (naturally, in this case they would not require the UAA ideal models of behaviour to be governed), the physical laws would be enough for them. Their networks would consequently be DETERMINISTIC. The motive action of these networks on the multiple Cosmos would be non-existent for want of creativity. It is only within a free system that information can be made dynamic, becoming fuller in an evolutionary process.

A rigid model would give place to a crystallized WAAM-WAAM, with an initial level of information which quickly would degenerate into entropy.

Imagine another model: The free and conscious brains, have a certain percentage of free will, but are not helped by the UAA models, i.e., unable to receive models of moral conduct, in the case that these do not exist or that they are not provided to them. The social networks of Cold Stars deprived of standards would fall into a neguentropic chaos, quickly self-destructing, their actions and behaviors causing chaos in the WAAM-WAAM.

If you reflect on this; the UAA (moral laws) are as necessary as the EEWAO (physico-biological laws) to cosmobiologic Nature.

Without both, the whole of the Universes would have no reason for existence, and it would then be the absurd case of the centre of information, WOA, not being able to develop itself. In addition, the UAA cannot be rigid as the EEWAO for they must adapt to the structure of a social network and MUTATE with it. We wish to underline that the corpus of laws you describe as ethics (whose finality first, as you see it, is to avoid the entropy of an intelligent biological system, and consequently the entropy of the Multicosmos) is not completely universal.

To be sure, some of these laws have a Cosmic character. For example, it is against the UAA for the inhabitants of a planetary entity to seriously disturb the evolution of the humanity on another Cold Star.

But other laws are adapted to the history of a human group. If the structure of the Network changes, the moral law changes as well.

We will see later in the text that these UAA laws are injected into the social Network by two channels. One is very weak, and comes from the WAAM and is connected to the subconscious structures of our brains. The other channel comes directly from the transcending source of information WOA, and it is this we are studying in this report.

Now you will understand the role played by UAA.

They are ideal models of behaviour. Models which are neither interactive nor conditioning, as the EEWAOO are. They are not imposed on the networks of IBOZSOO UHU, only comprehensible to a neural network which has reached a degree of conscience (brain of the OEMII).

They are not imposed laws. The ganglionic nervous system can decide not to follow them since on a certain level it is equipped with free will.

In fact harmonic models (these UAA) regulate the neguentropic process. Their violation causes an increase in the multicosmic entropy of the system. Its adaptation generates an increase in neguentropy i.e., perfection of information.

In the grand plan of the multicosmos, these UAA can appear inoperative, or irrelevant, since they are not like the EEWAOO (physico-biological laws), whose rules govern the behavior of mass and energy.

The UAA are on the contrary reflexive. The living intelligent organsim contemplates them as in a mirror, and accepts them or not. What will happen if all the beings refuse to obey to them? It is obvious that the Multicosmos would break down.

But the grand organizing scheme of the WAAM-WAAM wisely foresees this this hypothetical but false emergence.

It is obvious that a brain or a limited quantity of them can freely refuse to follow the admonitions of the UAA. It is also possible that a whole network or a planetary community would wish to be governed by UAA "anti- models" (immoral), but the remainder of the intelligent, conscious organisms, aware that the consequences of their actions would very likely turn against them, would not accept these models of behavior.

Through the universal models garnered in WOA, nature knows that finally all the OEMII distributed on a billion inhabited planets will achieve the UAA, making the harmonic development of the WAAM-WAAM possible, although a small fraction of them will violate them, partly destroying :their future..

We have known of planetary communities whose intelligent beings, having adopted an selfish and aggressive mode of conduct, destructive to their brothers, have destroyed themselves with terrible biotechnological weapons. But their death and suffering in pales in comparison to the terrible intellectual suffering they experienced before being integrated in the B.B. after their death. (NdR: Here they refer to "the reconformation", which resembles purgatory)

Now, after this outline, you will be able to understand the OIXIOWOA more clearly. Remember that we inform you of WOA's double function. This cosmic source can enter into resonance with two basic structures of the WAAM-WAAM.

You know of one of them through our reports: it is the WAAM B.B. It collects the following models or references:

References or sequences of information of possible configurations (Stars, animals, things) and references modelled by the EEWAOO (physical and biological laws)

But WOA can transfer other important standards, the regulatory UAA of neguentropy - and it does so- in resonance (remember that we use the term "resonance" in a didactic aim) with given networks generated on distinct cold stars and within intelligent social networks, thanks to evolution.

We spoke about the distinct quantum jumps which can be observed in the configuration of a nervous system. We pointed out that they could evolve according to the following stages, each one bringing a GUIXOOEXO and consequently a different emergence.

First stage: organism with simple reflexes, reacting directly to stimulus from the physical environment.

Second stage: Organism capable of processing data and directing its behaviour in a deterministic fashion not only in terms of the medium, but also of memorized information.

Third stage: Organism (OEMII) (Human) whose brain experienced a quantum jump allowing him to be conscious, relatively free, and to be connected to BUAWAA (Psyche), with BUAWEE BIAEII, and whose behaviour helps to shape the WAAM-WAAM.

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