Ummite Physics and Metaphysics:
"The Essential Texts"
 Letters D792, received January 10, 13, and 20, 1988 by J.B. Jorge Barrennechea in SPANISH, in MADRID  (1st part of the report)

It is certain that at one point in history, UMMOWOA appeared among the inhabitants of UMMO surrounded by a mystical aura. WOOAYII UMMOWOA can be translated as something like "divine man god ", although no institutionalized religion developed around his memory as it did on OYAGAA (Earth)

Modern Cosmobiophysics throws sufficient light on this phenomenon. With the nuance that the emotional connotations and biophysical interpretation of this event are very far from the idea you have developed on the historical fact of the birth of Jesus (who, as we you will explain it, is similar to that of UMMOWOA).

For you, the figure of Jesus is surrounded by mystico-religious connotations. It is supernatural, theological fact and in this context, it is understandable that a Church is established there.

As you will see in the attached typed pages, the phenomenon of an OEMMIIWOA lies within a scientifico-biological scope, understandable when one has a holistic idea of WAAM WAAM. The fact that during biological evolution, a OEMMIIWOA should emerge is as logical and necessary as the attraction of a rock to a Star because of gravity.

That is why, for a religious person of Earth, the concept of a OEMMIIWOA is disenchanting and perhaps disappointing, among others, because the image of WOA that we accept has nothing to do with the theological concept that many religion of the Earth have built, around an anthropomorphic stereotype on the mental level, like a father which punishes and rewards, supra intelligent and creative.

For us, all your ideas are in the field of myths, which is explained within the framework of the historical evolution of your Earth Social Network. From a real event which, interpreted as being of a thaumaturgical nature and miraculous because of its physical singularity (astonishing the contemporaries by Jesus), a doctrinal treaty develops which gives rise to a new religion, Christianity, and with the founding of different Churches according to distinct interpretations of the deformed message of this OEMMIWOA.

Our cosmological model is founded on a solid scientific basis. We know that we are immersed in a WAAM-WAAM (multiple Universes) and that the flows of information which make all its configurative richness possible proceed from two poles or centers. One of them is a generation of information by antonomasia (NdR: designation of a person or thing by another possessing the same characteristic attributes.) All the possible configurations of matter, all possibilities of it being, i.e. all the forms in which it you could imagine it existing, whether perceptible or imperceptible to our senses and other organs of perception, draw their origin from this pole.

Nevertheless, we should develop this idea: the conceivable forms are not all possible as real beings. The possible forms of BEING must thus be coherent (and consistent with) with the corpus of laws which govern the WAAM-WAAM. This pole or matrix of cosmic information makes all the configurations of the multiple universes possible by means of genetic transfer. Without it, the cosmos would be like a gigantic isotropic crystal, amorphous, deprived of configurations or singularities and thus void of information. (We use the term "crystal" not to represent a geometrical architecture of ordered atoms, a body which would not be isotropic, but as a symbol of an infinite chain of IBOZOO-UU in complete disorder, in which the transmission of light is not possible, and having infinite entropy).

We call the codifying cosmogonic center of these possible configurations, WOA. WOA coexists with AIODII, i.e., with the reality that exists (has been formed). One configures, the other models. (NdT; Uno configura; modela, el otro).

But it is important that you not identify our version of WOA to some idea of your GOD. A superficial examination of the two concepts could cause this parallelism to occur. WOA = Generator would be equivalent to GOD = Creator such as your theologists understand it.

But the idea of God which, as you know, is rather different from one Earth religion to another, appears to them very much like an anthropomorphic being, equipped with infinite kindness, the thinking being par excellence, perfect, father of his creatures. What is more, its supreme existence seems to have been revealed to your prophets in a religious and pious context.

It may interest you to know that our idea of WOA was induced scientifically, not theologically. It is certain that his existence was proclaimed by UMMOWOA at a time when science was not where it is now. But for us, a concept alone lacks in probative value. The society of UMMO is not as emotionally sensitive as the social network of the Earth. A religion, in the sense in which you accept this term (Union of the human being with God comprising faith and obedience with laws and doctrines) could not take hold here. As for us, we do not see a father in WOA, nor do we believe that one can respect or accept some concept by Faith alone. Only reason and scientific proof make it possible for the corpus of our doctrines to be accepted. (Notice that my brothers who are faithful to this principle always insisted that you not believe in us as OEMMII, travellers coming from UMMO). It is so because we start from the idea that one should not accept in the absolute what is not proven.

If we manage to accept with time the word of UMMOWOA, it is because the evolution of our Cosmogony enables us to accept the reliability of the origin of his doctrines as we will explain it to you in later texts.

UMMOWOA, just like Jesus, did not claim to found a Church or a Religion.

What occurred on both planets is that UMMOWOA was born in an advanced society in which historical rigour did not allow the creation of myths, whereas Jesus of the Earth lived at a time in which the language was metaphorical, science did not exist, the dominant ideas were irrational and strongly impregnated with mystical ideas. Thus over time his message deteriorated, although its essential elements survived, and his historical identity is enormously distorted. We will speak about this later.

To understand all this, it is necessary that we continue to moderate our approach with regard to the concept of WOA. WOA is the cosmic source of information. But any information is meaningless without material or energy support. Here then comes the future symbiosis between WOA and the WAAM of infinite mass, WOA transforms this information in the centre of this WAAM.

As we will clarify later, WOA also establishes a relation of syntony (NdR "whose feelings, tendencies are in harmony " and "state of a system able to receive or emit radio waves of the same frequency") with these structures we call the human brain, but only under very special circumstances.

What is the scientific basis of this relation? Within the context of these pages, it is almost impossible to expose the very complex mathematical model on which it is based. We will thus make use of metaphors or images. WOA enters into resonance with the WAAM of the BUAWA BIAEII (Universe which codifies ((decodes)) all information), just as in a similar effect you know in physics as resonance. (If you place two violin strings at a certain distance and make one of them vibrate, the wave interacts with the second and makes it oscillate as well.).

You can imagine this universal center of pure information that WOA represents as a gigantic archive where you could find in mathematically codified form, since the configuration of a planet, the resolution of a system of differential equations, or the structure of a building and, we repeat it, any entity or possible being in the multiple Universe.

For all of time, WOA coexists with WAAM B.B., the true brain of the multicosmos and WOA modulates it thanks to this particular resonance effect. But in reality, he does not transfer all information at once. The multicosmos is like a great cybernetic organism which corrects its own errors.

Within the distinct Universes, thanks to a neguentropic flow, life of a biomolecular complexity is born. These living organisms which populate a multitude of cold stars (remember that a cold star does not necessarily have a planetary origin, but sometimes comes from old stars which cooled and which store even a certain internal heat) continue to improve in an increasingly complex structure of increasing informational density. These are the nervous systems. The end result of this complexity is the human brain. Its architecture is sufficiently complex that it can undergo a qualitative jump, and be put in contact with its BUAWWA BIAEII (collective consciousness), and grow as rich as possible by means of its connection to the B.B. (BUAWAWA BIAEII is the collective consciousness gathered in this large brain of the Universe; WAAM B.B.). Notice that this great system whose architecture is integrated by the BRAIN = BUAWA (soul ) = B.B. suddenly becomes aware of the Universe which surrounds it. This system is like a critic of B.B. that collects all the configurations of the Cosmos, i.e. the galaxies, stars, the mountains, the animals, the rocks and the elaborate artifacts. B.B. receives information about its own development. It is as if the multicosmos were a gigantic being whose brain and hands are the WAAM-WAAM B.B. It could work the clay of matter in the distinct Universes, concentrating it into the shape of atoms, clouds of stars, planets, mountains and living beings. But to work, it is necessary to see. Its eyes are the brains. They transmit information to B.B. and BB corrects in its turn the deficiencies of the system thanks to the patterns and models provided by WOA.

The Waam B.b. are the interuniversal physical influence of imaginary mass which spreads from one cosmos to another by making folds in space, and in turn the configurations of mass and energy modulated by the information of the B.B.

You can see how WOA's centre of information is static, while in the multiple Universe, (WAAM B.B.) in resonance with WOA, information is dynamic. In this respect we underline that the comparison to two violin strings is only a didactic and metaphorical image, since in that example the resonance manifests itself as a simultaneous movement.

But we think you already understand the subtle difference. WOA is not the being you imagine as God, paternal, intelligent, thinking, anthropomorphically structured, deciding to create a Universe and to put creatures in it in his image that it will reward after their death only if they obeyed his laws. WOA has nothing to do with this mythical being created in the mind of the Earth human.

Here the verb to generate could result in a special effect of cosmic resonance, models or patterns of information which are transferred to WAAM B.B. to propulse the configuration of a network of Universes ahead in time from an evolutionary point of view. A simple parabola could help familiarize you with our cosmology.

WAAM B.B. is like the brain of a potter whose tired eyes (brains of the OEMMII) look at a ball of clay (matter and energy). Its hands (imaginary mass) shape an amphora. But in order to accoplish this, two intellectual processes are necessary. Firstly, take as a starting point a drawing (informative model or pattern) of a container. For this he looks through an old pottery book (WOA) which subtly suggests to him the form the amphora should have, but especially, he must learn how to correct the form, observing it as he handles and forms it, aware of the difficulties.

When, in our writings, we attribute the faculty (to create?) to the people of the Earth, we are not referring to your idea of the divine function, of the creation of IMAGES. IDEAL BEINGS in the WAAM B.B. that it animates or model in Universes which coexist with WOA ( I.e. that they are not created, in the sense that you understand this word, by God).

We have a deep respect for your religious conceptions of entities you call Allah, God, Jehova, Brahma...but as you have noticed, our concept of WOA is completely separate from your theological ideas. You should not feel forced to embrace our idea of WOA, for us a scientific one, which you learn about from typed sheets of obscure origin. Each one of you must continue being faithful to your old beliefs, as we have always suggested, and read our reports as one would study the society of remote and exotic tribe.



In the evolutionary and yet neguentropic process of living architectures, the nervous system of the animal has reaches a very high level of complexity.

It is interesting to note how matter gradually structures itself in increasing levels of complexity. It is not only the density of the information which increases each time, where the molecules continue to be organized in reduced spaces, but its architecture. Millions of nervous fibres, themselves already complex, are inter-connected by means of dendrons, for the passage of information to take place. These basic neuronal structures, capable of various functions, are in turn inter-connected, in networks formed by functional nuclei of increasing complexity. The final configuration is the brain of the OEMII, able to collect information about its physical environment, to integrate it, to send it partly to the B.B. or to use it to react to its physical environment and to act upon it. To this point we have not revealed anything you did not already know.

Which is the end result of this evolution of the human brain? Above all, we say that the evolution of the neural network happens in quantum stages, each one giving rise to a new phenomenon.

For you to understand this, we must remind you of some concepts of our AYUUUEAOIIDII (biophysics of networks).

A network or system is made up of nodes or poles connected by channels. The nodes can be simple points of mass or complex subsystems in themselves. The channels are in turn flows of force, energy or information. Frequently, the nodes and the channels are themselves more elementary networks.

An urban telephone system is an example of a network familiar to you.

Another important type of network is the society of the OEMII, its nodes are in turn complex subsystems: human beings. And the channels of information are as important as the channels of mass and energy. The nodes (humans) are connected to the biophysical medium and to other nodes (your brothers) in various ways. A transfer channel is established when you receive information in the form of a smell or a vision, or when you give an object to another person or when you speak with them.

Naturally; buildings, planes, governments, tools, computers are also examples of networks.

It is obvious that an animal organism is also a network and the most complete structure of all those which are known, the human brain, is thus the most perfect of all known networks.

Although we deviate from our didactic objective, we remind to you that the entire WAAM-WAAM constitutes a gigantic macro - network, formed by the subsystems or networks which are in turn integrated by even more elementary networks. Our effort in the field of physics was to create a complete mathematical model which would explain the development and functioning of these networks. Remember that many elements of these networks exhibit quantum characteristics, making their behavior random and unpredictable. This introduces an important factor of indeterminism into this type of network.

Now we invite you to note an important characteristic of networks in general. It is precisely here that the development of our science is much more advanced than OYAGAA's. We repeat it once again: read the following paragraphs closely.

The most important characteristic of a network is what we call EIDOAYUEE. (the closest work in Spanish is EMERGENCIA (emergence)).

When a system is structured in a particular way, EIDOAYUEE then emerges. It is not easy to describe its laws in brief, so we will resort to didactic examples.

The necessary but insufficient condition is that there be a jump in its complexity, or in the concentration of information in its elements.

The higher the information density, the more transcendent the EIDOAYUEE will be.

EIDOAYUEE (emergence) is the condition obvious to you whereby a network exhibits properties and exerts functions that the individual constituents cannot carry out. Take for example an inert network. A pentagonal polygon. It is formed by five rectilinear nodes and five connections. Separate the points and the lines. None them has the property of a pentagon; you cannot say that a line segment has a tenth of the property of a pentagon. The fact of connecting them generates a new geometrical property.

Note that infinite configurations of networks are possible, but that only a small percentage of them are really functional or significant.

There are mathematical models we call GUIXOEXXOO which allow networks to function or have meaning. When an Earth engineer designs a camera, robot or pair of scissors, she uses her GUIXOEXOO intuitively, contrary to the insane inventor who creates for example, a fantastic machine which serves no purpose. And it is this, although the physicists of OYAGAA (Earth) have not developed a general theory of AYUUEADOIDI (Ontology of systems) which makes it possible to generate the GUIXOOEXOO (Emergence model or mathematical model?)

Let us recapitulate up to this point.

A network: If it is specially structured, it generates a EIDUAYUEE (EMERGENCE), i.e. a function or significance whose properties are significantly greater than the sums of the properties of its individual components.

When a network is more complex, i.e., when its density of information is larger and when GUIXOOEXOO (Model of Emergence or mathematical model?) is present, the emergent function or its significance will also be larger and more transcendent.

We must moreover inform you that this EMERGENCE exhibits quantum behaviour, in levels. GUIXOOEXOO does not develop linearly as a continuous function, but as a quantum function, with levels. For instance, you could develop a simple spark-ignition engine, made of a cylinder, piston, connecting rod, valves, a wheel, an elementary carburettor and some additional components. It would be a network whose function is to generate kinetic energy by rotation. Once there, it can be improved. Not only by adding components to it, a more sophisticated carburettor, new cylinders, an electronic ignition system, all the while reducing the size of the elements, thanks to which the system grows in information density.

But emergence does not vary. The result will be better output, higher power, but the EIDDUAYUUE remains constant. This network, this engine, will never emit images. A considerable qualitative jump, an essential transformation in its components would be necessary in order for it to behave like a camera.

Perhaps a clearer idea of this concept can be had by observing the evolution of an animal nervous network. Here the entity which works out the GUIXOOEXOO, i.e., the model of behavior of the network, is BUAAWEE BIAEII (B.B.) i.e. the model Universe or collective Consciousness.

Take for instance the organization of the Coelenterata, known to zoologists of the Earth. It develops sensitive cells (protoneurones) able to differentiate external stimuli. Here is a primitive nervous system whose EMERGENCE (EIDUAYUUE) is elementary: receive external information and react by reflex action.

Now let us take more advanced organisms, like equinoderms. There one can see a quantum jump, a distinct GUIXOOEXO, a radically distinct emergent function.

The network of coelenterata is reduced to stimuli cells; sensorimotor action

For the equinoderm, the network is not only more complex, but it has a different architecture. We note the presence of neurons in ganglia of special configuration. Emergence is also distinct. It appears in the form of integrated behaviour. The network accumulates information, stores memories, and the animal, vis-a-vis sensory stimuli, does not react automatically by reflex action, but it regulates its behaviour according to experience gathered in the environment.

Henceforth, from an evolutionary point of view, this nervous system will become more and more complex. Fish, Amphibians, reptiles and mammals, build the ganglia forming a encephalic mass able to make deterministic decisions (without free will), but according to what you would call "programming of gathered information ". These animals collect information during their entire existence, store it, elaborate it on an elementary level, build a cerebral structure able to memorize automatisms and make decisions (not only according to what they observe in their environment) which also guide them for their internal programming and their memories. Models of behaviour like those you call conditioned responses make it possible for these organisms to develop a method of learning sometimes more advanced than the conditioning of its instincts.

We must now consider a transcendent jump in cerebral evolution. The hominids transform their brain into a completely distinct network. This is how the brain of the OEMII (Man) is generated.

We want to insist on the point that it is not only a function of complexity. It is certain that to achieve this jump, a density of information of 10 power 19 bits / cubic centimeter is necessary. But the key to change, GUIXOOEXOO, must be a new structure of the network. New specific connections came about allowing the creation of a new cerebral configuration which generates a transcendent emergence (EIDUAYUUEE); Consciousness. This function is transcendent, as you know. Initially, this viscous mass that is the brain, is put into contact with BUUWAA (Soul or Psyché) and with B.B.

From then on, the organism can freely make decisions, although the percentage is limited enough. But most important, and the neuropsychologists and the theologists of the Earth do not grasp this, is that this small brain becomes a censor of the WAAM-WAAM.

The moment it is formed, its transcendent function consists in collecting information for the WAAM-WAAM and, by means of this transformer which is the B.B., modifying, step by step, the structure of the Universe.

When an OEMII (human) of some cold star in a far off location in space, in the centre of some unspecified Universe, observes, thinks or acts, at the same time its practical intellectual conduct, able to store information, results in a modification of the configuration of the WAAM-WAAM (multiple Universe).

In your technological world, these jumps in the function of networks are frequent. Your electronics engineers know how simple it is to transform a receiving circuit, whose function (or emergence) consists in amplifying wavelengths modulated in transmitter circuits, into one capable of codifying and propagating information, by the simple addition of condensers and resistors, modifying a few connections and adding a microphone.

We now wish to reveal you the nature of the last quantum jump which the brain can achieve. It is the most transcendent of all. It is unknown to scientists of the Earth. The neurophysiological consequences are quite simply astonishing for social networks like that of Earth which have not yet reached sufficient intellectual maturity to understand them. It is the OIXIOOWOA FUNCTION (Untranslatable) (NdR: Let us attempt nevertheless with "higher State of the brain "or, literally; "model of WOA ")


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